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Saturday, January 4

Oregon Coast TOP 6 Sunday--- 1. Cline Spit, #REF!, #REF!mph, G#REF! --- 2. Oceanside, E, 22 mph, G34, ( NOAA at 6:17 PM, 01/04)

3. Manzanita, E, 21 mph, G26,
4. Chinook, E, 16 mph, G25,
5. Long Beach, E, 15 mph, G24,
6. Lincoln City, E, 18 mph, G23
Monday :
1. Cline Spit, #REF!, 10mph, G#REF!,
2. Long Beach, SE, 10 mph, G17,
3. Chinook, ESE, 10 mph, G16,
4. Oceanside, SSE, 9 mph, G15,
5. La Push, SSE, 15mph, G15,
6. North Beach, SSE, #REF!mph, G14

(Source: NOAA via

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