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Tuesday, April 24

Old detailed forecast

4-day, detailed forecast (refresh for auto-update)
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Friday, April 20

Saturday: no wind this weekend, temps near 80F

**08:31 am PDT Saturday, forecasts updated
Wind returns Tuesday evening. See forecasts at right.
Detailed forecast

Friday: W wind from The Wall to the east, warm

**10:47 am PDT Friday, forecasts updated
Temps reaching 70's as wind starts up earliest in the east and fills in as far as The Wall. See forecasts at right.
Gorge Detailed Forecast

Monday, April 16

Friday, April 13

Saturday: Wind--time to sail!!

**10:04 am PDT Saturday forecasts updated
**Saturday morning updates posted
See forecasts at right.

Friday: Saturday shows limited potential

** Note that detailed forecast now includes next six days! Leave comments if you like, re: bigger file to download on mobile systems
 Gorge, Week
Maybe sailable late Friday at the Hatch, temp near 60 F. Saturday wind starts at noon at The Hatch, but best later at The Wall where temps are 65 F. 
Not much opportunity after Saturday.
W wind on Friday, S wind on Saturday.

Thursday, April 12

Friday: Forecasts updated

Includes detailed outlook for Friday to Tuesday, see Custom forecasts at right.

Bonus: Saturday and beyond, detailed

Saturday looks like the next sailable day, here is the detailed forecast:

Wednesday, April 11

Thursday: Friday backs down, Saturday sailable

 Gorge, Week
No wind Thursday. Friday forecast backs down. 
Saturday now looks like the best possibility in the week ahead. 
S and E strong wind on Thursday. 

Tuesday, April 10

Monday, April 9

Monday: Waiting for Thursday, maybe Saturday

***Tuesday: forecasts updated, see right
 Gorge, Week
Light E wind today, shifting to light W wind tomorrow. Temp up to 72 F at the Wall today. 
W wind makes brief showing on Thursday at Rosie; also, Saturday/Sunday showing some potential. 
S wind, temps near 50 F, not much sailing potential Monday or Tuesday. 

Sunday, April 8

Saturday, April 7

Friday, April 6

Saturday: E wind in Gorge; Sunday on Coast is Sailable

**09:23 am PDT latest Saturday morning forecast published
 Gorge, Week
East wind at Stevenson and Rooster, probably mid-20s mph, temps mid-50s. Sunday, very light.
E wind continues to Monday. Temps approach 70 in East. 
Light on Saturday, maybe surge late in the day. Sunday on South Coast looks sailable. 

Friday: Light; E wind starts on Sat; Coast S wind up late on Sat

** 9 am PDT forecasts posted

 Gorge, Week
The Wall is only good chance of W wind late Friday. Saturday turns to E at Stevenson and Rooster with 55 F temps. Cloudy.
E wind holds through Monday, maybe Tuesday, but temps rise to 70 F by Wed out east: wind dies off. 
Light Friday S to SE wind on Saturday from Bandon to Pistol. 

Thursday, April 5

Thursday: W at Doug's; E wind on Sat-Tues

** 07:21 pm PDT Thursday: New Friday updates posted
 Gorge, Week
Thunderstorms still possible from Doug's east. Best wind at Doug's with Hatch and Wall showing potential. Temps near 50 F. Not much wind anywhere on Friday.
E wind returns on Saturday Through Tuesday. May be best at Loroc, but Rooster is often under forecasted on easterlies so it could be a lot better than now showing. Temps soar to 70 F by Tuesday. 
Not much wind on the Coast for Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday, April 4

Thursday: Custom NOAA updates published

See links at right.

Wednesday: W at Rosie; Coast thunderstoms

** 9:00 am update now posted**
 Gorge, Week
Afternoon thunderstorms and W wind. Best wind near Rosie but could show at Doug's and Maryhill. Temps near 44 F at Doug's and 56 F at Port Kelly. Possibly sailable at Doug's and Maryhill on Thursday.
Very little chance of wind after Thursday out to Monday, but temperatures rise to 60-68F over the weekend. 
Thunderstorms make mild SW wind unsailable from Florence to Cape Blanco at height of afternoon. Temps nearing 50 F. 

Tuesday, April 3

Wednesday: New NOAA updates published

See Forecasts at right.

Tuesday: E Stevenson shifts to W at Rosie; Coast dies down

 Gorge, Week
E wind at Rooster shifting to W wind from Maryhill to points east--Rosie is the sweet spot. High temps up to 60-65 the farther east you go. Chance of rain from Doug's east. 
W wind Wednesday, Rosie still the best prospect, but may bleed west to the Hatch. High temps on Wed. down to 55 F. Light wind after through Sunday.
South coast remains windy early in the day, but drops off and light on Wednesday--Florence and Bandon possibly sailable on Wed.

NOTE that river discharge has surged to 334k CFS, up from 126k CFS in mid-February. The rise is a little later than a surge last year in March, but well above the median discharge of the past 133 years. River temps are slightly lower than the median five year temp. River depth is slightly above the 13 year median depth.

Sunday, April 1

Monday: Waiting for Tuesday; Coast roars

 Gorge, Week
W wind comes back on Tuesday from Doug's east. 
  Tuesday, maybe Wednesday are best days for wind.
Big wind on North Coast on Monday

**Monday morning updates published**