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Friday, March 24

Columbia Gorge TOP 6 Saturday--- 1. Roosevelt, W, 8mph, G22 --- 2. Loroc, SW, 8mph, G22, ( NOAA at 7:40 PM, 03/24)

3. Rufus, W, 6mph, G20,
4. Maryhill, W, 5mph, G18,
5. The Wall, W, 6mph, G18,
6. Port Kelly, SW, 7mph, G18
Sunday :
1. Jones Beach, SE, 7mph, G10,
2. Roosevelt, SW, 2mph, G8,
3. Loroc, W, 2mph, G8,
4. Rooster, E, 5mph, G6,
5. The Wall, S, 2mph, G6,
6. Rufus, S, 2mph, G6

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