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Tuesday, April 3

Tuesday: E Stevenson shifts to W at Rosie; Coast dies down

 Gorge, Week
E wind at Rooster shifting to W wind from Maryhill to points east--Rosie is the sweet spot. High temps up to 60-65 the farther east you go. Chance of rain from Doug's east. 
W wind Wednesday, Rosie still the best prospect, but may bleed west to the Hatch. High temps on Wed. down to 55 F. Light wind after through Sunday.
South coast remains windy early in the day, but drops off and light on Wednesday--Florence and Bandon possibly sailable on Wed.

NOTE that river discharge has surged to 334k CFS, up from 126k CFS in mid-February. The rise is a little later than a surge last year in March, but well above the median discharge of the past 133 years. River temps are slightly lower than the median five year temp. River depth is slightly above the 13 year median depth.

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