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Tuesday, February 7

Long swell ride

This was a long ride on the same day, very fun!


  1. Sure sounds like you're having a great time! Where were you sailing, and what sail size?

    1. This was just east, upriver, of the 3-mile Canyon launch on the Columbia River. The sail is a 3.5 Ezzy, the board is a 90 L Starboard Evo--I'm 190 lb. It was an epic day: very, very rare to have those conditions at 3-mile, i.e. that much flow, ~525K cfs combined with wind up to 40 mph! The camera does not do the waves justice, but when I watch it I can feel the swell just like it was that day.

      BTW, how did you find this blog? I just made it yesterday; I'm guessing it's because I put your blog on my list. Also, BTW those discussions on the iWindsurf forums have been quite entertaining! Iso always seems to stick his foot in his mouth whenever he answers questions.

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