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Wednesday, February 29

A Favorite Place

Bonaire Webcam page
With winter having a reprise here, e.g. snow this morning in the gorge, it's fun to view the scene down in Bonaire.

My wife and I spent a week down there in March 2010; we had a great time. Truth is that I am not a hot weather fan so windsurfing vacations are a convenient way to tolerate a hot and humid climate: stay wet all day long.

The wind there was light but enough that we could sail every day but one--in planing conditions I sailed a 7.0 to 8.5, otherwise I worked on skills with small sails and mid-sized boards.

The warm, shallow water and sunny, warm air were REALLY great for my wife who was working on her waterstarts: she was in the water about 6 hours a day and actually lamented breaking for lunch because she was having so much fun learning by herself--I quickly learned to leave her to learn on her own. Now she refuses to sail if she has to uphaul--what a wind snob!

I'd love to go back anytime to work on new skills and enjoy the laid-back beach scene.

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  1. My wife and I were down there last's just as good as you remember it!