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Wednesday, June 6

Columbia Gorge TOP 6 Thursday--- 1. Maryhill, W, 10mph, G33 --- 2. Celilo, W, 11mph, G32, ( NOAA at 7:40 PM, 06/06)

3. Sandbar, W, 2mph, G20,
4. Bingen, NW, 2mph, G13,
5. Stevenson, W, 1mph, G11,
6. Mosier, NW, 2mph, G11
Thursday :
1. Celilo, W, 14mph, G28,
2. Maryhill, W, 14mph, G28,
3. The Wall, W, 14mph, G28,
4. Rufus, W, 14mph, G28,
5. Hatchery, W, 8mph, G24,
6. Sandbar, W, 9mph, G24

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