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Tuesday, February 5

Snow Kites

While skinning up the glacier on Mt Hood--Palmer above Timberline--I noticed some kites rising and falling over the ridge; the wind was very strong. When I got to the top I traversed over to check them out and take a couple pics. I was very impressed with their uphilling abilities, much easier than my grind with astroturf stuck to the bottom of my skis! 
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  1. Nice pics but why make it a "windsurfing vs kiting" issue? For your info, we were kiting on the river both Saturday and Sunday, Feb 2nd, and Feb 3rd, and didn't see a single windsurfer... there were six of us kiting on Sunday Feb 3rd at Hood River... zero windsurfers.

  2. Sorry for that perception, it was unintended. I was only trying to color the comment a bit and seemed fun to think of kiters migrating to the glacier in winter, which windsurfers cannot do. I'll take out any references to the groups to avoid misunderstandings. I'm no kite hater, I do much of my sailing with kites and never have a problem.

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